How's Business and Rosti Automotive Team Up for North Yorks Manufacturers

By How's Business
schedule18th Oct 17

How’s Business teamed up with Rosti Automotive to speak to North Yorkshire Manufacturers about the funding they could receive.

Rosti is a truly global company with 4000 employees and production sites all across the world. Since 1944 Rosti has manufactured key components for companies such as Jaguar Landrover and Ford.  How's Business is the Growth Hub for York, North Yorkshire and East Riding. It is a single location where you go to find support for your business. Alex McDonnell, from How’s Business, 'We want to make sure that everyone has access to first class support. And, beyond this, we want to make sure that you can stay supported. We don't want businesses to be dropped, and we don't want to leave you trying to find what support is out there.'

Rosti Automotive welcomed 20 MDs and CEOs from various North Yorkshire Manufacturing Businesses. Simon King, of How’s Business, gave a presentation on the funding North Yorkshire Manufacturers can apply for, as well as more information about what they do.

John Pendleton, managing director of Rosti Automotive in Pickering and Made in Yorkshire President, then gave a presentation about Rosti Automotive because a tour around their impressive factory. Delegates were shown several parts of the plastics factory, with workers on machines giving them demonstrations.

The buzz of Rosti Automotive was apparent as soon as the group stepped out onto the factory floor. The delegates were warmly received by the relevant department heads - the only complaint was that we couldn’t stay longer! Alex McDonnell, of How’s Business said, ‘This morning has been very successful. The venue was perfect and everyone who came enjoyed it. I think it’s very important that manufacturers feel like there is a community they can get involved in.’